New Nikes

Last night I was preparing bed. Doing all the usual things that I do. Cleaning up any mess that was left out, putting away any leftover foods, and washing the few scraggly dishes that was life in the sink. Not that exciting I realize, just the nightly routine that I do every evening.

After all, of this I jumped on my phone to see what is going on in the world. First I started with Facebook, the twitter, Instagram, after all of that it is my google searches. I love my google hits. I was able to see all of the things that I love and care about without having to spend hours at a time searching through the wide world web.

That is when I saw them. So glorious. I could hardly believe what I was seeing. It literally astounded me.

The new Nike Zoom air. OMG, they are amazing. The colors, design, something I do not normally comment on, the shoelaces.

Those laces are so pretty and luxurious. Made out of cashmere and in colors so rich it was as if I was looking at a three dimensional image. My goodness, I have never seen anything like these shoes. Nothing at all, Nike went back in the vault and came out swinging.

That night I stayed up an additional three hours just looking at the shoes online and reading the reviews mention on the shoes. Considering that, they will not come out until next year.

Trust when they come out I will have at least four pairs for myself and a pair for everyone in the house. That night I put my name on the waiting list.

5K here we go!

What a great day, I started preparing and training. In two and a half months, my family and I will be running the spring fling tulip 5K. In addition, I feel just fantastic. In fact, just today I did a mile. Now I just got to work up to 3.1 miles aka a five-kilometer run.

Although I am super excited about the run, as well as, my family. We all are in need of new running shoes. We all know that what that means a trip to the Nike store I am thing maybe the Nike Factory store. This will save me a bundle of money. It can be quite expensive to buy shoes for an entire family all t the same time.

I love Nike running shoes, for real I will not buy any other brand when it comes to any athletic endeavor. This applies to running shoes, soccer cleats, football cleats, track spikes, wrestling shoes, it does not matter. When it comes to sports and sporting goods Nike is my go to store for it. The fit, comfort, and style ensures that not only will our feet feel great, perfectly align spines, and cute to boot.

Away to the Nike store, we go everyone ready and exciting for new footwear. In addition, possible some clothes. The perfect clothes protects from so much.

However, I digress.

New shoes all around with socks and shirts. Everyone super excited and ready to train. We have a bet going about which person will finished first. I have ten bucks on my youngest son.

I love Nike’s spring line

Have you seen the new Nike women gear for the spring? It is beautiful. I mean the colors and design has really surpass the previous clothing lines. You can tell that they have really put a lot of thought, research, and consideration in creating this spring line. Everything about it is just plain terrific.


This year Nike has taken many different chances with it comes to colors and patterns. I mean in years before they have kept to simple colors that are deemed “feminine” by the masses. You know the pale, mute, pastel pinks, shades of blue and green. Soft colors that scream, “hey yawl I am a girl!” Which is cool. I bought a lot different things and really enjoyed it. However, this year I purchased every new pieced of workout clothes exclusively from Nek. Because they are just that great.


Let me tell the fit is spectacular. They have really taken the different types and curves we women have. Creating a fit that will ensure that every women, no matter her size and height looks great. Before I did not feel cute and sexy in my workout clothes. I just felt motivate to accomplish something athletic. Now I feel super cute and on trend.


Now when we think about clothes, technology is not the first thing that comes to mind. I Eman we just use it so we are not naked when we leave our house. Luckily, Nike is able to see behind it being simply a cover.

What a Great Day

I was in this great sporting goods store today. I bought some great sports bras, leggings, and t-shirts. Man, I made a large profit. What is better than anything is that I saved so much money. Everything in the store was on sale. Not by a few cents but I saved hundreds of dollars, literally hundreds of dollars.

I cannot believe that I was so lucky today.

Now why do I feel like I am lucky?   Simply because I came across the sale on a whim. My day went a little like this:

It started out simple, I went to the bank deposit a few checks, stop at the phone store to buy a new phone for my husband and me. Both of us have been having trouble with our phones. They would randomly stop working or crash. Well, anyway we were in for an upgrade. Today I did just that.

It was unknown to my husband. Which was somewhat funny when he came into the house swearing about his phone is not working and wanting to call and cuss out the network.

He was quite grateful that I went out and took care of our phone situation.

As I was leaving the phone store, I hopped over to the grocery to pick up a few things for dinner. When I noticed that, there was a new sporting goods store in the plaza. Right next to my favorite grocery store. What is even better they were having a sale.

Long story short, it was amazing.

This Girl Love Herself some Yoga Pants

Looks like I am in the market for some new yoga pants.

I love yoga pans they are so comfortable and flattering on every body type. Not to mention the many different styles, patterns, and colors. The sky is really the limit when it comes to available options. What is better is that they are so cute and comfortable that you will want to wear them everywhere. The grocery store, the movies, mall, anywhere you could think of.

I have even seen some women dress them up with a well cut and fitted blazer for work or a lunch date. Which is ingenious to me because you get the nice classy look of a woman on business with the great comfort of yoga pants.

Let us not forget how great your butt will look once you find the perfect pair. I do not know what it is but yoga pants seem to automatically give your butt a great lift. Giving it the appearance of a person the spends their day and night doing squats and leg lifts.

My bum never look as good as when I wear my pants.

I would suggest that a person buy a multitude of different lengths, colors, patters, and pants width. That way no matter what the occasion or what may come up you will have the perfect pants. Giving you a quick butt lift, comfort and style. Something that you can go form the gym to the mall to the office.

If you do not have a pair of yoga pants, go out right now and get yourself a pair.

Gotta Love this New Gear

The best thing about this new change in sportswear vision and focus is that now we girls have a lot of cute clothing option for working out. I am telling when Lulu Lemon first came out with their line of work out gear for women only. Their thinking that workout clothes does not have to be one sided. Strictly for the gym track or field. Creating a line of clothes that can be worn out to the grocery store, the mall, heck you can even rock a few of their pieces to work.

Their brilliant idea to jump-start a woman-focused line also gave the big wigs of athletic wear to take noticed how important it is to include women in their view. In their vision. This little step has been a catalyst to Nike, Puma, Adidas, heck any one of the great sporting goods stores.

Now Nike has started creating pants, shirts, bras, shoes, even underwear that aer design to give any woman or girl that extra edge when it comes to competing in any sport endeavor she may choose.

What is great is that they have design each stitch of clothing in a way so that they enable the best a person can give while removing any hindrance that may be felt by the athlete. From oinking away moisture, to allowing air to circulate, letting the skin breathe and wick dry.

It is a great feeling when you work out for hours on end and there is no sweat between your boobs!

My Rediscovered Love Affair with Nike

Welcome to my beloved blog. After years and years of careful dedication to the Nike brand, I have decided that I must share my love and convictions with the world.

For years, I have tried all different type of exercise equipment, clothes, and gear. From Adidas to Reebok, to Saucing. It seems as though nothing gives me that great fit and glee like Nike.

If have to be honest there was a point in my life that I was totally anti Nike. It was in my late teens and early twenties. It seem that everything looked more or less the same. Nothing had any real style of flavor. That and I was going through my rebellious stage where I refused to wear anything with a well-known brand or label. Everything had to be second hand, obscure to the rest of the world, or something that I made at home on my mom’s old sewing machine.

It was not a fashionable time in my life. Well, maybe not fashionable, depending who you may ask I was fashion. By taking the great risk that I did, really is what fashion is all about, right. Looking back at the pictures during that part of my life, I was not cute. I had a borderline homeless appearance. That is something that I am glad, as well as my mom, I grew out of.